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Mat Classes & Special Offers


Come strengthen and deepen your body-mind connection with our challenging Pilates mat class!

Power Pilates

Join us for this challenging, focused workout and be sure to feel the burn!

Restorative Pilates 

Suitable for all levels, this deliberately paced class focuses on stretching, strengthening, breathing and alignment, to help you create a deeper and more intentional connection to your body. You will leave feeling refreshed and strong!



TRX (short for total-body resistance exercise) utilizes TRX® suspension straps and bands along with your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. Get a true core workout in this fun and challenging class! For more information on TRX .

Beginner/Intermediate Yoga 

A relaxing way to end your day, come take Kim's beautiful yoga class and feel connected and refreshed! 

Intermediate Yoga

Well-rounded Yoga class with elements of flowing sun salutations, and alignment principles influenced by Iyengar.

Intermediate/Advanced Yoga

A challenging slow flow vinyasa practice to mobilize, stretch and strengthen the muscles and joints of the whole body in a balanced and comprehensive way. Classes also include pranayama, chanting and meditation.

Gift Certificates 

Give the gift of fitness & wellness

to friends, teachers or someone you love!  Gift Certificates are available in any denomination. 

For more information call the studio or email us to request a gift certificate.

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