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Melt 5 Session Series

Our new fall MELT series starts this Sunday, September 18th at a new time 10:45AM-11:45AM with Joy Jacobson, MELT instructor. Reserve your space today by calling the studio at 914.630.1631 or email

us at or go to to reserve your space now.

The MELT Method is a simple self-treatment method that eliminates chronic pain, improves performance, and decreases the accumulated stress caused by the repetitive postures and movements of everyday living.

Using small balls and soft foam rollers, this innovative new technique "rehydrates" the connective tissue, which surrounds every muscle, bone, joint, and organ. It brings your body back to a more ideal state by enhancing body awareness, improving balance, and releasing stuck-stress that often causes stiffness, pain, headaches, insomnia and digestive problems.

Whether you are an athlete who wants to achieve optimal performance, or merely someone who wants to slow down the aging process and live better, longer, this technique can benefit you.

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