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Pilates Teacher Training

Directed by Kelly Kane and Matt McCulloch, the Kane School Pilates certification is a rigorous training program combining the classic principles of Pilates with a modern, clinical perspective on the body. The program crafts advanced teachers with x-ray vision—teachers with solid knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and injuries as well as the skills to perceive and improve them.

Graduates work in a variety of settings across the fitness, wellness, and medical worlds. The full training includes Foundation Training (Core Muscle Anatomy), Comprehensive Mat, and Basic Training equipment certifications.



Core Muscle Anatomy

Lay the groundwork for learning the Pilates discipline with a comprehensive anatomy foundation. All Pilates certification students must complete Core Muscle Anatomy, or test out with a passing grade on the Kane School Anatomy entrance exam.


Pilates Mat Certification

Get to know the Kane School Core Principles how they apply to the Pilates method. This in-depth course shapes advanced instructors with a mastery of Pilates mat exercises as well as the knowledge to address biomechanics and postural issues in private and group settings. Includes lecture, self-study and assistant-teaching hours.

In this mat certification program, students master classical Pilates repertory while

studying the application of Kane School Core Principles to each exercise. In addition,

students build practical application skills with the study of palpation techniques,

exercise progressions and modifications, and programming strategies for private

sessions and group class.




Gain a comprehensive Pilates equipment education. Learn choreography on the Pilates apparatus – reformer, chair, cadillac, and barrels – and how to apply Core Principles to equipment sessions. Interwoven through the training is the story of the moving body—its anatomy and biomechanics as well as its common postural problems and injuries or private sessions and group class.

Basic Training: Phase I

The first phase of the Kane School equipment training focuses on mastery of classic

choreography on all apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Barrel and Spine Corrector. Students begin with basic and progress to intermediate and advanced levels, observing and practicing each exercise. Throughout each choreography level, students cultivate broader skillsets by learning exercise modifications andprogressions, palpation techniques, and the art of cueing clients.

Basic Training: Phase 2

With choreography solidified in Phase I, the second phase of the Kane School

equipment training delves deeper into programming for injuries and specific

populations. Each weekend of this phase hones in on either a specific body region or a special population:

• Weekend 1

◦ Teaching & Touch Primer

◦ The Healthy Client

◦ Lumbopelvic Region

Weekend 2

◦ Head, Neck & Ribs

◦ Shoulder

◦ Elbow, Wrist, & Hand

Weekend 3

◦ Hip

◦ Knee

• Weekend 4

◦ Ankle & Foot

◦ Clients Over 60

Each weekend module includes:

• Anatomy review and biomechanics

• Palpation techniques

• Hands-on and equipment assessments of the client

• Hands-on and equipment-based releases

• Pathologies, treatment, and surgeries

Pricing & Dates

Core Muscle Anatomy $500, includes Trail Guide to the Body Manual 

Dates (@ Kinected)

January 29th & 30th

February 5th & 6th

Pilates Mat Certification

$1252 (includes teacher lecture weekends,  all observation and practice hours, 10 mat class card and 1 expert trainer private session)


March 19th & 20th

March 26th & 27th

Basic Training I and II Equipment

$6136 (includes 7 lecture weekends, all observation and practice hours, 5 semi-private sessions and 5 equipment classes, 9 private senior trainers sessions, 1 expert trainer private session)


Weekend #1 TBA

Weekend #2 TBA

Weekend #3 TBA

Weekend #4 TBA

Weekend #5 TBA

Weekend #6 TBA

Weekend #7 TBA

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