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Client Testimonials


Carson Murphy is one of those rare people who is as talented a teacher as she is a performer. She is so body-smart that she'll take you forward every time; she's challenging, intuitive and joyful. She remembers quirks and old injuries I've had better than I do. Honestly, she's raised the bar for all other teachers. I'm amazed that such a short amount of time can make such a difference” ~Allison S.


"I have been doing Pilates for 7 years and have worked with different instructors, good and very good, teaching all levels and variations of Pilates.  I found Carson’s style the purest form of Pilates and the best fit for my needs.  An accomplished dancer, Carson expertly and efficiently targets the muscle groups that are in most need of workout. Ever mindful of injuries and limitations, gently, sweetly but persistently Carson challenges all participants in the mat class.  I never worry about hitting a plateau in Carson’s class and I keep getting great results!  What I love the most is that in every class I always get the personal attention from Carson and other instructors that I need to optimize each workout! " ~Alina R.


“Sound Movement is the place to be! Carson Murphy and her staff excel in carefully attending to fitness goals. They are mindful of injuries (or weaknesses/limitations in your body) and have many accomodations up their sleeves. Joy and tremendous care in fitness are part of Sound Movements benefits. I encourage both men and women to see for themselves."~ Laura L.


"I started Carson's classes in late winter 2009 totally out of the blue...knew nothin' at all about it…couldn't even spell "Pilates". Carson is a first class professional, providing a truly rigorous workout combined with all the individual attention required...I continue to be impressed and amazed...I recommend Carson to one and all, high and low, far and wide." ~Jesse B.


"I've been coming to Sound Movement for more than three years now and it has become an important part of my life. The instructors are professional and fun to work with and I love every minute of it.  The mat classes are small so you get lots of personal attention, learn more about how your body operates and enjoy an exclusive experience. The mindset of connecting the body and mind is inspiring and motivating. Carson is amazing--she is professional and gracious and I always feel at home in the studio."~Limor M.


"Always caring and encouraging, Carson and her staff cater to each individual and their particular needs. I’ve had several injuries and came to Sound Movement as I needed special care. Carson and her staff have helped to rehabilitate my body in a gentle but knowledgeable way. Group classes are also fun and friendly! ~Donna S.


"I was searching for a core focused exercise program and a friend recommended Sound Movement. I've learned a lot about proper movement, alignment and how focusing my mind helps activate specific muscles. I'm so grateful to Carson and all her instructors for helping me recover from injuries and get strong again! Sound Movement Studio is one of Larchmont's special treasures!"  ~Carolyn B.


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