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Join us for Alexander Technique on Wednesday's at 11:30

Please join us for a special introductory class on The Alexander Technique, this Wednesday at 11:30 with Ian Jorgensen, a nationally certified AT instructor. AT is a form of body-mind learning that can help you alleviate harmful and unnecessary tension in your body. It can also help you regain your natural balance, ease of movement and coordination.

The technique helps you become aware of unnecessary muscular and mental tension in every day activities such as walking, sitting, standing and now today, texting on your mobile phones, computers and tablets! AT is an educational process rather than a relaxation technique. The sessions help you develop a stronger mind-body awareness, so you can identify these stress producing behaviors and change them.

The goal of each session is for you to leave the studio feeling refreshed and energized, and living more fully and happily in your body. Whether you are new to Pilates or have a seasoned Pilates Practice, the Alexander Technique can help improve your practice and truly make a big difference in your body and life. For reservations, please sign up at or email us at

Pilates and the Alexander Technique share many common principles and are complimentary to each practice. Both Joseph Pilates & Fredrick Alexander placed a tremendous emphasis on movement quality and both were aware of the close link between mind and body. Both developed specific systems designed to help others improve their physical functioning. Pilates was more focused on correcting posture and movement limitations while Alexander emphasized learning how to change one's thinking in order to re-direct posture and movement patterns.

Hope to see you on Wednesday!

Love, Love Carson & the Sound Movement Team

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