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New Sunday MELT Class starts May 1st

As the weather warms up and we get more physically active, it is a perfect time to do some MELT. Adding MELT to your fitness and self-care regime can keep you out of pain and improve how you do all of your activities. Everything is simply more enjoyable to do when your body feels pain-free and strong!

Watch this video about how professional violinist, Patricia Davis, used The MELT Method to get out of and stay out of pain. MELT helped Patricia recover from a torn rotator cuff and keeps her pain free while helping improve her performance. Sue Hitzmann, the creator of the MELT Method, discusses how MELT works and the damaging effects of a dehydrated connective tissue system

Joy Jacobson, MELT instructor at Sound Movement Pilates & GYROTONIC Fitness and Wellness Studio will be offering a new Sunday morning four session series starting May 1st-22nd. Class time is 10:45 AM.

Her four session series is $100- A perfect gift for Mother's Day! To sign up for the May MELT series, or for more information, please contact Joy Jacobson.

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